Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Duts, Appies, Out!"

These are the precious favorite utterings of my baby who I have been privileged to spend every waking hour with for the last week. I (Holly) had one of my much needed weeks of vacation from the hospital this past week, and can't seem to get enough family time. Within the first minute that Karis wakes up in the mornings, she usually begins requesting her favorite things in her sleepy voice: "Duts" (ducks), "Appies" (bubbles), and Out (outside)!

We were able to go to my family's Mecca, aka Murfreesboro (they pretty much all live here), for a few days of detox from the residency. We were able to take Karis to the Nashville Zoo, along with BB, Aunt Lori, and her cousins Andrew and Kaylea. This was Karis' first zoo trip. She paid the most attention to the roosters and, in general, looked on at the other animals as though we have always had them in our back yard, even the giraffes. It will be fun to see how her response changes in the years to come. Karis was also able to get some much needed playtime with her cousins, my parents, Aunt Lo and Uncle Kev.

We have been home for the past few days and have been laying low. My house is still not as clean as I'd like, but we've had some time outside, good home-cooked meals, and even some movie time...well, it was just a borrowed Ratatouille DVD (thanks Andrew) that Jared and I watched while Karis toddled around, and we are not afraid to admit that we really enjoyed it :)

It has been refreshing to love on my baby girl all day long, hear her repeat new words after me, see her walk back and forth to the things she is not supposed to get into, and to see her grin and say "hi" every time we make eye contact. I honestly dread going back to work because of how rewarding and rich my home life is, but unfortunately the med school bills won't pay for themselves and I will be returning to work on Memorial Day. Until then, I am going to savor these extra hours I have with Karis, who is currently talking on the phone into a (clean) diaper while she is wearing a "hat," which most people actually call a washcloth.

Chattanooga Lookouts game

Strolling at the Zoo

Cousins Andrew and Karis

Checking out the Zebras at the zoo
Hitching at ride on DaDa

Our talented daughter with Sydney the dog

Cousin Kaylea
Trying to stay cool in the pool
Hanging out in Cousin Andrew's playhouse


  1. I've pretty much decided that Karis is one of the cutest babies ever. I love the pictures of her!! Glad to hear that you've gotten a few days off. I thought of you yesterday and wanted to call and chat, but realized that I never know when you're at work. I miss you, cuz!!! (And Jared, too, of course.) Oh, did you hear the news that we're having our own little baby? :o)

  2. Love the new site!
    So glad you got some much needed 'down' time to spend with the family. We love the Nashville Zoo too!

  3. Haha I love the picture of her with 2 fingers in her nose! hilarious! We miss you guys and think of you often. Maybe you'll be back in NYC to visit someday!