Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Record!

I think we have achieved our all time new record for longest time interval between posts (not necessarily an "achievement")! I recently took yet another step of boards, so that is my excuse. Jared has been picking up my slack (not uncommon) recently around the house, so that's his excuse. Enough excuses...on to updates!

Jared is still spending his time as a stay at home dad, except for his part-time gig at the church as the liason/director of family ministries and the theology class he teaches every other Saturday for ordination candidates in our church district. He also taught a similar class at our church in Philly. I think wherever God directs his career in the future, it will involve teaching, at least on some level, as he is very good at this and enjoys it, too. Not to mention the fact that he is constantly reading a new book about every week, and these are not exactly the type novels that I like to read when given the opportunity. I enjoy fiction, whereas his are more on the educational side.

As mentioned before, I just took another set of boards, which feels like something I have to do every couple of months, even though it's only about once every year. I am in my second year of my 3 year residency and am enjoying having slightly less call, although I should have even less call/hours next year. Jared keeps commenting that he is excited that we will soon be approaching the time when our life becomes "more normal." Neither of us are exactly sure what this means, other than I should have more control over my schedule and more time with my baby and hubby. This is why I went into family medicine- it seems to be the field with the most flexibility and opportunities to cater your career, although these qualities have to be specifically pursued, which I plan to do.

Now on to our jabbering lady...
Karis is well into the toddler stage, which I realize as she runs through the house, throws balls, dances on request, and empties out the tupperware cabinet...again. Her vocabulary expands daily, and she picks up on words and phrases that surprise both Jared and me. Some of her favorite things currently are: singing her ABCs and counting, watering Mommy's flowers (=digging the dirt out of the pots with her hands and putting it in the watering cans), Cookie Monster and Big Bird (who have recently replaced her beloved duck as her favorite stuffed animals to push in her stroller), pushing random objects in her baby doll stroller as fast as she can (she pushes Daddy's shoes, cousin Andrew's picutre which for some reason has a lot of teeth marks on it, ABC magnets, etc), and playing in the tent Daddy makes for her in the living room.

She also still LOVES reading. We probably read about 30 stories to her each day between the two of us as she is continuously bringing us her new favorites and getting in our laps. This is not an over-estimate. Her favorites recently are "Pouch!" "Ten Apples Up on Top," "All the Ways I Love You," "Baby at the Farm," "Lullaby, Lullaby, Little One," "All of Baby, Nose to Toes," and "Good Night, Gorilla." Sounds like a long list, but these are just the ones we read repeatedly throughout the day. She is still a good eater, but has started rejecting certain foods that she has decided she no longer likes. She recently discovered okra, which she will continue to eat no matter how full she is. And finally, the last thing that Karis is really into, is "foss" (floss). She loves to play with floss hanging out of her mouth...hopefully this is the beginning of good oral hygiene. We love the sound of her little voice and feet in the house, and wouldn't trade our little "Curious Karis" for anything. The photos here are from earlier this summer. In fact, I can't believe how much she has already changed in the past few months. I have some more recent photos, but for now I am having issues getting them to continue uploading from my computer, so I will have to include those in the next post, which will hopefully not be in 3 more months :)