Monday, March 23, 2009


Jared forgot to mention that even though Karis was asleep during the whole service, she let out 2 sturdy consecutive burps during the closing prayer when everything else was quiet, which gave me one more reason to laugh at an inappropriate I need more of those!

A few firsts for Karis

So this weekend Holly and I took Karis on a mini road trip to Babies R Us.  I wish I could tell you that Karis loved seeing all of the baby things there, but she slept the whole time.  She really loves being in the car seat, especially when it is moving.  Another first is that we took Karis to church on Sunday.  She met a ton of new people and once again slept through the whole thing.  I did feed her during a part of the message but then she went back to sleep.  Lastly, Karis slept 6 straight hours last night.  We only hope that this wasn't a single occurrence!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the life of Karis

Once again, sorry we haven't posted in some time.  As you can imagine things are pretty busy/crazy around here.  Karis is doing really well.  She has already outgrown most of her preemie outfits, which is a good thing.  Right now she is about twice her birth weight and going strong.  She has started to stay up longer in some stretches, but still likes to sleep a ton which is totally normal.

One really cool development that we've been noticing is that Karis is starting to look in the general direction of sounds and trying to focus on where they come from.  A couple of days ago when I got home from work, I bent down to talk to Karis while she was in the swing.  When I started talking she turned toward me and flashed this huge smile and it melted my heart.

Here is a link to some updated pics of Karis.