Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome to the World!

Karis chilling in Daddy's lap waiting to meet her new cousin

Through the nursery window

Gome holds her 5th "GG baby

Papa Ted and Andrew discuss the upcoming changes at home

Proud Papa

Big brother Andrew finally sees his baby sister for the first time

She's here!

Awaiting arrival of our baby in the nursery
Andrew's post baby snack

Karis playing peek-a-boo in the car

On March 15, our precious niece, Kaylea ("Kay Lee") Anne Carver came into the world. She weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz., was 20 inches long, and looked very similar to her big brother Andrew when he was born, only a little more petite. Like her brother as a newborn, she has black hair with blonde highlights. Andrew's hair eventually turned blonde, so it appears that hers will too. I had been on call all weekend at the hospital, so I was able to leave that morning and drive to Murfreesboro with Jared and Karis just in time for the delivery. Andrew was excited to see that the baby grew enough in Mommy's belly that it was finally time for her to come out. As soon as he finally laid eyes on her through the window of the nursery and determined that that was definitely the baby he was going to get to take home, he decided it was "time for a snack!" Lori and Kaylea are doing very well, as is proud the proud father, Kevin. Here are some of Kaylea's first photos, although some of the best ones I took for Lori and Kevin on their camera, which unfortunately for me, is in Murfreesboro. I will post better pics as soon as I can get them from Lori. Welcome to our family, sweet baby girl!

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